Stella ‎Williams
Jessica (from Alert! Cleaners) is excellent and I’m glad to have her over the years. Don’t change a thing- she is great! Thank you.

Monty ‎T.
Sweet, efficient, flexible, and fairly priced – enough said! I noticed after my first cleaning that they’d cleaned my mini blinds (!!!!). Who does that? THEY DO!

Garry ‎G.
I loved my other housecleaner. Is there a stronger word than ‘love?’ After this husband and wife team cleaned my 1 bedroom condo, I told my mom on the phone, “I can lick the floors. Mom, I didn’t know my place could look like this! The bathroom is sparkling.” Alert! Cleaners brought all their own supplies. They were out of here in less than two hours. And I swear, I don’t think my place has ever been this clean. I HEART Alert! Cleaners. Is six stars an option?

Larry ‎A. Morrison
Suffice it to say that I could really, really, really get used to my place looking like this. For quality, I give Alert! Cleaners five stars as a cleaning service. This is the third service I’ve tried… and now I don’t need to look for a fourth. For karma, I add an impossible, invisible, but nonetheless earned sixth star, because they really took the time to help me figure out whether their services was the right for me, and it’s clear that they take great care of their employees. This is how it’s supposed to be done, folks. My initial experience was good enough that I’ll not only be recommending Alert! Cleaners to my friends, but I’ll also be happy to drop you a line, fellow Googler, if you feel a personal recommendation is called for. Go get ’em! …and thanks for transforming my apartment. It’s so much nicer to be here now that you’ve worked your magic.